Faith & Freedom: John Schneider, Angie Wong, Jason Jones, & Sabin Howard

22 days ago

We have an amazing show for you featuring actor, filmmaker and musician John Schneider with a powerful call to action for Americans and insights on preserving our national values. Political Columnist Angie Wong discusses concerns about anti-semitic takeovers and campus unrest, while producer, author, and activist Jason Jones updates us about the Maui fires aftermath and the need for government accountability. Plus, master Sculptor Sabin Howard shares his inspiring journey and dedication to honoring veterans through art.

[1:23] Actor, filmmaker, and musician John Schneider returns to discuss his new song and the obligation we have as Americans to stand up; concern about the current administration selling the country to the highest bidder; generational differences and political disillusionment; advocating patriots to take action to fix and maintain a solution to the country's problems; where you can get John Schneider's moonshine and app
[15:13] Shemane welcomes Political Columnist and co-host of Final Countdown Angie Wong to discuss the anit-semitic takeovers; paid agitators inciting violence; harassment and trespassing on campuses; concern about the lack of mainstream media coverage of the protests, and how it may lead to violence and deaths; where you can follow her on social media for updates
[25:30] Film Producer, Author, Activist, and Host of The Jason Jones Show, Jason Jones returns to discuss the fires in Maui, Hawaii, and the possibility of intentional causes; locals kept out of their property after the fire, despite the millions of dollars raised for relief efforts; insights on Maui's infrastructure issues like mismanagement for the recent damage
[37:44] Shemane introduces master Sculptor Sabin Howard shares his inspiring journey to renowned artist; his monument to honor WWI veterans through bronze sculpture; creating a 60-foot bronze wall sculpture; honoring all veterans and their families with art and documentary; a candlelight vigil to honor veterans; how you can help support

John Schneider –

Angie Wong –

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