Boeing Story Takes Shocking Turn as Second Whistleblower Dies Suddenly | Beyond the Headlines

1 month ago

Joshua Dean (45) has tragically died just two months after the mysterious death of John Barnett.

Dean was a key figure in exposing alleged safety issues in Boeing’s 737 MAX production line.

He died of complications arising from a severe and rapid bacterial infection, as reported by The Seattle Times.

During his hospitalization, Dean was intubated, placed on a respiratory and cardiac support machine, sedated, and underwent dialysis. His mother and aunt described the ordeal as “brutal” and “heartbreaking.”

Dean was a former quality auditor at Boeing supplier Spirit AeroSystems. After his termination in April 2023, Dean filed a Department of Labor complaint, indicating that his firing was a retaliatory act for raising safety concerns.

In a February interview with NPR, Dean elaborated on his firing further, saying that his termination served as an intimidation tactic to chill others from blowing the whistle.

“If you are too loud, we will silence you,” he said.

Maria Zeee discusses all this and more on today’s Beyond the Headlines!


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