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25 days ago

I have been asked by a lot of you about what it is that the left-wing really wants and why censorship is such an important thing to them. If you notice the far left doesn't want to work and they are proud of making commentary about them dodging work or dodging responsibility. When you criticize them for it that would be the type of speech that ruins their little bubble of laziness. They want to do childish things and they want you and me to pay for it. The best way for them to be able to continue to do that is to join up with far left groups and either be offended by everything or pretend to be offended by everything in the hopes that they shut down the conversation. Shutting down the conversation where valid points are being made will force them to think and reassess their lives which they do not want to do. All you have to do to shut these people up is just keep right on talking and get them to leave the room in Anger as opposed to you doing the same thing.

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