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Overland Mail is a 1939 American western film directed by Robert F. Hill and starring Jack Randall, Vince Barnett and Dennis Moore. It was produced and distributed by Monogram Pictures which specialized in low-budget second features, particularly westerns.

Overland mail riders Jack Mason and his pal, Porchy, learn that an Indian uprising is imminent because one of the tribe has been murdered by a gang of outlaws. The primary town of the mail route is also being used as a hideout and base of operations for a gang of counterfeiters led by Joe Polini. Jack and an undercover federal agent, Duke Evans, round up the counterfeiters and turn Polini over to the Indian Chief as the killer of the brave.

Two overland mail riders discover that a Native American uprising is likely due to the death of one of the tribe at the hands of townspeople. They discover that a gang of counterfeiters are behind the murder and turn over their leader to the Indian chief.

Jack Randall as Jack Mason
Vince Barnett as Porchy
Jean Joyce as Mary Martin
Tristram Coffin as Joe Polini
George Cleveland as Frank Porter - aka Saunders
Dennis Moore as Duke Evans
Glenn Strange as Sheriff Dawson
Jimmie Fox as Pat - Storekeeper
Maxine Leslie as Blondie
Hal Price as Lugo
Merrill McCormick as Buck - Henchman
Joe Garcio as Squint - Henchman
Harry Semels as Pancho
Iron Eyes Cody as Indian Chief

Directed by Robert F. Hill
Written by Robert Emmett Tansey
Produced by Robert Emmett Tansey
Cinematography Bert Longenecker
Edited by Robert Golden
Music by Frank Sanucci
Production company Monogram Pictures
Distributed by Monogram Pictures
Release date November 16, 1939
Running time 51 minutes
Country United States
Language English

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