"Little Boy Makes Cake With His Dad"

Published April 12, 2018 961 Plays

Rumble "Can you imagine anything more adorable than watching a dad making a cake with his little boy? I have to admit that I was instantly taken by this video and you will too! So, you better check it out! This video shows a dad and his cute little tot boy standing together at the kitchen counter, making a cake. But before doing anything else, they need to measure some flour. So, the dad starts first with a couple of spoons and then hands over the spoon to his tot son, but instead of putting flour into a mixing bowl he spills the flour all over the kitchen counter! LOL! But he didn’t do it on purpose, he just missed the bowl. So, his dad gives him another spoon with a bit of flour and the boy does just the same, and then tries to clean up his mess! Oh, isn’t that just adorable?!"