Animals With Superpowers That Make Earth Exciting Place To Live

Published April 12, 2018 12 Plays $0.02 earned

Rumble There are some abilities that humans can only dream of having, but looking to the animal kingdom gives us a different story. Comic and movies aren’t the only place to find superpowers.

So far, superheroes are only fictional. But some of their powers already exist in the world, possessed by a whole range of strange species. Some creatures have even more amazing, surprising, weird, funny or disgusting powers than any superhero. Sure, some animals can leap the equivalent of a tall building in a single bound. But others have ultra-strong faces, crazy loud voices, toxic blood, the ability to devour virtually anything, and indestructibility. Can you guess what the penis bug's superpower is? Take a look at some heroes and villains in the animal kingdom because they exhibit truly awesome superpowers.

Some vipers and boas can detect infrared light, so their prey can run but they certainly can’t hide. The power of a mantis shrimp’s punch can generate bubbles that burst with a lethal temperature hotter than the surface of the sun.

Ants have been known to lift up to 100x their own weight, however, rhinoceros beetles can potentially hold up to 850 x theirs. Electric eels can stun their prey with around 800 volts of electricity produced by electrocytes in their body. Starfish can regrow missing limbs if they lose one, but the missing limbs can also grow new starfish, too. The shocking pink dragon millipede engages in chemical warfare by producing cyanide to defend itself against attackers. Turritopsis jellyfish have learned the secret of immortality, and have the ability to completely rejuvenate their cells.