Territorial Sea Lion Chases Tourists Away Claiming Trespass

MariNaomi Published April 12, 2018 9,340 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhile visiting the Galapagos Islands, this territorial sea lion chases these tourists away so that he could take a nap on his favorite bench. This is the incredible moment a curious sea lion climbs through rocks only to get to the dock and chase curious tourists away. Hilarious!

The adorable pup is seen exiting the sea and climbing the rocks only to get to the wooden dock, constantly communicating something to the man recording this clip. Two tourists were curious what it feels like to have a close encounter with a sea lion, but their meeting didn’t go as expected.

Footage shows, an angry sea lion producing squeaky noises that resemble a sheep voice, talking back to tourists who try to communicate with the pup. Apparently, these tourists came too close and invaded animal’s privacy, which caused him to exit the water, climb the rocks and chase them away from his property, screaming ‘no trespassing’ in sea lion language! Adorable!

Stunned by the encounter, the female tourist climbs on the bench trying to get away from the angry sea lion, as the male tourist retreats while still filming the encounter with the grumpy animal. Moments later, we hear screams and realize that the sea lion has approached the lady and keeps staring at her, forcing her to leave his bench. Fortunately, both tourists left the dock unharmed with an experience they will recall for the rest of their lives.

Male sea lions are known to be very territorial, attacking humans that get too close during mating season. We have to remember that as we continue to invade the natural habitat of the sea lions we introduce them to things that they haven’t dealt with before. They have their natural instincts that will direct their own behaviors.