Shy Pooch Feels Uncomfortable Being Caught Cuddling With The Cat

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis is the adorable moment when a dog was caught off guard by the overly affectionate cat and became a huggable object for the feline, much to owner’s amusement. Check out this dog's hilarious reaction when owner caught him red-handed kissing and snuggling with the cat. Cuteness overload!

After the adequate time of accommodation before they got to know each other, and after the numerous of fights between them, this <a href="" target="_blank">cat and dog</a> have finally started to get along and show love to each other. What do you think? Is there love or hate behind this emotional snuggle?

Footage shows a cat snuggling up to dog’s fur, kissing his neck and rubbing its head against his chests, while the blue-eyed pooch stands still, utterly confused by cat’s emotional reaction to his presence. It is hilarious how this dog doesn’t move a muscle and only stares back at owner, like if he is confessing something. Look at those <a href="" target="_blank">puppy eyes giving a long stare</a>!

Maybe, the polite canine doesn’t know how to turn down the overly affectionate cat and is staring at owner, with eyes begging for help! The ignorant cat keeps snuggling into a long, warm hug as it cuddles with her canine companion! However, the pooch is not that affectionate and playful, and really appreciates his personal space but the cat keeps invading dog’s privacy. Watch as the cat keeps getting closer and closer to the dog, making the dog feel awkward and uncomfortable! Hilarious!

Everyone wants to have that special someone to cuddle with. In this video, we see two best friends, a dog and a cat, engaging into one long, awkward snuggle. The feline is very affectionate to her canine buddy, and the pooch looks like he’s uncomfortable with the coziness the cat presents.

Fortunately, owner caught the entire thing on camera, much to dog’s shame. Here you have it, one shy pooch feeling uncomfortable hugging with the family cat!


  • lunatheunidog_, 1 year ago

    The dog's eyes 👁 so beautiful 👏🏻 The cats and my dog here will never be friends 😣

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  • oscar_x_felix, 1 year ago

    so cute! :)

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