Trump Jail Attempt Coming | US Mil_Ops Document Dump | USAR Subterranean War: The Vril

1 month ago

(Note: I was briefly distracted and made a math goof around 29:00 into the File, where I said 91M+18M = 100M. That is wrong. It is 109M. Whoops).
(Note: A different microphone was used, due to repairs on my usual, external microphone. This produced a grainy distortion in the audio of the File, but the integrity is intact overall, and the content I believe is worthwhile. Will clean up mic issues ahead of File 75).

Anon Audio File 74

SG Anon discusses unrestricted warfare, US DHS successes in international human trafficking arrests, whistleblower documents confirming US Mil local-domestic operations, a short history reference to WWII and the 20th century, the coming attempt to jail POTUS45, and a short dive on The Vril.

They never thought she would lose.

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