"Four Penguins Chase A Bright Dot On A Wall At The Zoo"

Published April 11, 2018 94 Plays

Rumble "We have all seen those funny videos with cute cats who are chasing a laser pointer dots on a floor and even on walls, and we all loved them! They really make us laugh out loud, but this video brings the whole thing to a new level! But, just to be clear - this one is not about cats, but it has a dot chasing like you’ve never seen before! It’s so hilarious that you simply don’t want to miss it! This video shows four penguins in the zoo who spotted a bright dot on the wooden wall in their cage. The dot is actually a reflection from a man's watch, but they can’t know that. They just see something funny on the wall and they start to chase it! So, wherever the bright dot goes, they follow it! LOL! Ana, the funniest thing is when the dot disappears for a moment and they all get so confused!"