"Dog Opens A Bottle Of Wine"

Published April 11, 2018 33 Plays

Rumble "Dogs are truly amazing pets who can make us laugh like no one else can and never stop to surprise us! I mean, have you ever heard of a dog who loves to (and actually can) open a wine bottle? Well, there is! And he is absolutely fantastic at it! This sweet pup is more than eager to help out wherever he can. For this night's dinner, this cute pup is chief wine opener and does a great job at it too! Don't believe us? Just click play and watch this wonderful talent unfold for yourself! This cute little guy doesn’t stop barking and jumping while his human friend is preparing a bottle of wine for him to open. LOL! And when this funny little dog finally grand the cork, he immodestly stops barking and jumping and walks away with it! Well, who needs a corkscrew when you have this adorable dog around?"