Boxer And Husky Engage In Epic Barking Debate

Madram73Published: April 11, 201899,688 views
Published: April 11, 2018

We have seen tons of videos of dogs arguing with their owners, dogs that feel remorse and want to apologise, guilty dogs that do not want to admit their misdeeds. However, we are certain that this video will make you grin from ear to ear thanks to the hilarious argument of these two different dog breeds trying to find a middle ground in their debate.

As in every debate, debaters stick to their initial points of view and it is virtually impossible to talk the other opponent into something they don’t feel it should happen. Take these two dogs for example: Bella is a boxer full of energy and wants to play all the time. Nevertheless, Shadow the husky doesn’t share Bella’s idea of enjoyment as it wants to lie down idly and relax all day long, hence the problem.

Bella, being the Petar Pan of dogs, demands a vigorous exercise, and it may look imposing since all it ever does is barking and barking, trying to drag Shadow into an exciting game of chase but to no avail. Boxer has one desire only: to romp and play like a puppy. His unsuccessful attempts to wriggle in order to get close to his friend is useless. Since it loves to be the center of attention, we can only imagine how difficult the whole situation is for him. Whether it is a momentarily mood or he is just like that, Shadow doesn’t seem interested in Bella’s cry for playing games. We know that huskies enjoy being active and have an incredible zest for life, Shadow, however, is simply not motivated enough to participate in whatever Bella has in mind. So, he will just keep on lying and be that lazy friend we all have in our lives.

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      I could see this going on all day. Lol. I lost it when Bella started howling. =)

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