Large Cheering Audience Leads Boy Into A Street Light

TheBestFails Published April 11, 2018 46 Plays

Rumble Along with the fact that everything in the world is changing, children's toys are now very different from toys of twenty years ago. Hobbies and leisure time for children are also little like what the children of the previous generation did. But, there is still one element that remains the same and has outmatched the revolutionary development of technology. This is the role play children go through whatever they are doing. Much like this kid on the bike.

We can see his shadow on the ground and the front wheel of the bike. He wears a go pro camera, presumably on his forehead. We are on a little plateau where kids and young adults test their biking skills and practice their tricks. And it is very good to see them starting at a young age. With a large crowd watching him from the stands, this boy is slowly picking up speed in order to perform all sorts of daredevilry on his bike. Where is this large crowd cheering you might ask? In his imagination, of course. He is now the superhero in his story. You can hear the excitement in his voice. He is so happy and proud of his bike that he feels the urge to look down and admire the strength of the turning pedals.

But, oh, alas! Our hero and his two-wheeled stead, engulfed in their glorious role play conquest of audiences imaginary, miss one entire sturdy streetlight. Cut and we get back to reality. But worry not, this is the way children grow and learn. And we, the large cheering audience of the Internet, will be here to support the videos of his next feats!