This Happened Before the 1987 Market Crash

2 months ago

The similarities between 1987 and today are scary. And what is happening right now happened right before the 1987 market crash also. The stock market bubble is about to burst, and we could get a stock market crash in 2024. Before the 1987 crash, investor sentiment was bullish. Everybody was buying stocks, and the stock market had rallied over 40% in the first 7 months of 1987. Investors were oblivious to the fact that Black Monday was right around the corner. The economy is entering a recession in 2024 just like the economy was in 1987. Investors ignored all of the signs of rising inflation, possible higher interest rates, and economic slowdown in 1987, just like they're ignoring the same warning signs today. And that's why we could see a stock market crash in 2024, just like the 1987 stock market crash. Stock market investing will get more difficult, but it's still possible to make money. I'll show you how.


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00:00 - 1987 Stock Market Crash vs Today
01:10 - Market Rally 1987 vs Today
01:51 - Market Tops 1987 vs Today
03:48 - Economic Slowdown Starting
05:14 - World Economic Forum Warning
06:25 - US Stagflation Coming
09:29 - The Federal Reserve's Big Problem
10:18 - Price to Earnings Ratios 1987 vs Today
10:52 - Inflation Concerns 1987 vs Today
11:09 - Algo Trading 1987 vs Today
11:42 - Investor Sentiment 1987 vs Today
13:18 - How to Protect Your Portfolio

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