Broken Toilet Drenches Man In Tank Water

AFVPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

Home improvement projects are always hit or miss. Some people know what they are doing and some don’t. However, it always feels like the people who don’t know what they are doing are the ones attempting to fix things so that they can save a buck or two.

The man in the gray tank top is casually sitting backwards on a toilet attempting to fix the tank…

Briefly, there is man in a gray tank top in this video. He is, as mentioned above, sitting backwards on a toilet. Something is wrong in the tank and he is attempting to fix it. It sounds like the toilet won’t stop running, a fairly common problem with multiple, multiple solutions. He takes a few looks in the tank. At one point he reaches down and turns the water to the toilet off. The man makes a few adjustments within the tank. It is hard to tell what he did, but we don’t think that it worked.

At one point he THINKS that he has fixed the toilet and goes to press the flusher. UH OH!

After he makes his adjustments, the man turns the water back on. Then he takes an experimental push on the flush handle. The toilet was not fixed! Instead it starts shooting water up out of the toilet tank. This drenches the man, the three rolls of toilet paper hanging above the tank, and the floor around him. Eventually he manages to turn the water back off again. Whoever is filming him starts dying laughing. The man leans back and says, “Shut up!” but his laughing, and then he gets up and you can see that the entire front of his shirt is sopping wet.

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