Hilarious Treehouse Construction Fail: Dude Gets Scared And Runs Away

AFVPublished: April 10, 201816 views
Published: April 10, 2018

This treehouse construction fail is hilarious! Two men continue to hit stilts that are holding up tree house until it collapses. Each of the men continues swinging and hitting the stilts but the well-built treehouse isn't falling. The one man get his stilt to break and stands by the other guy who takes his final swing or two.

He finally lands the hit that makes the treehouse fall and when it does fall, the guy gets scared, runs away from the house and falls over a cart.

Too funny! I think it took a little bit longer for them to knock this treehouse down than they expected and that really built up the suspense for this guy... because he was REALLY REALLY scared.

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