'Sickening' Tape of Bernie Sanders Raping Boy Surfaces in New Pizzagate Files

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1 month ago

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A senior advisor to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who boasted that Pizzagate was “fake news”, has just been charged with a sickening array of child sex offenses in the UK.

Meanwhile, disturbing allegations have linked Bernie Sanders to the list of compromised politicians on Capitol Hill – and the mainstream media is desperately attempting to suppress the story.

Despite the media claiming that Pizzagate is nothing but a debunked “conspiracy theory”, numerous mainstream journalists and figures connected to elite pedophiles have been arrested in recent times for the very crime they supposedly “debunked.”

The media is pulling out all stops to cover up these stories, so we are here to fill you in with all of the important details. We cannot allow them to get away with sweeping this news under the carpet.

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