Curious Snowmobilers Have Close Encounter With A Brown Bear

Published April 10, 2018 2,656 Views $5.74 earned

Rumble A curious video has emerged of brown bear going full attack mode on nosy snowmobilers, invading her personal space. Snowmobilers were riding out on the snow when they saw a bear running in the open so they decided to follow it, and try to chase it away from their fishing camp. Here is what happened!

These snowmobilers were amazed when they stumbled upon a majestic brown bear wandering through the snow. The beautiful footage is shot on a snowy mountain on April 4, 2018, in Paramushir, the Kuril Islands, Russia featuring a bulky bear running through thick <a href="" target="_blank">snow</a>.

Amazing footage shows the incredible moment when two snowmobilers have a close encounter with a wandering bear and manage to make this POV video. The video is filmed from one of the snowmobilers and it features a brown bear running through a snowy field on a mountain. As the man drives past the bear he makes a sudden turn in order to capture the bulky creature from another angle.

The bear continues to run through the snow, as the other snowmobiler drives past her, amazed by her majestic beauty. However, as the filmmaker shadows the <a href="" target="_blank">bear</a> from behind, in hopes to get a better shot, the bear makes a sudden turn on the unsuspecting man and swings its paws in self-defense.

The poor creature must have been scared to death by the noisy vehicles, and understandably goes attack mode on the intruders, standing on hind legs and using its paws to strike at the enemy! Fortunately, the bear misses and the filmmaker continues riding his snowmobile untacked. Maybe next time, they will mind their own business and won’t mess around with wild animals!

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