Needy Dog Won't Let Her Owner Stop Petting Her

Published April 10, 2018 1,263 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFor some people, their dogs are like their own children. They take care for them and wait on them hand and foot. Why wouldn’t they? After all, even the dogs have their own right to be happy. But every once in a while, the humans need just a little break from all the doting, loving, petting, playing and mounds of attention they provide their four-legged family members. Naturally, the dogs will disagree on this. Cue the hilarity.

Take this Rottweiler mix, for example. Sofija makes it very clear that she is nowhere near done letting her owner Natalia scratch her in just the right place. Her sweet spot is just beneath the chin, on that loose piece of skin that hangs and she loves to scratch herself. But when her owner does it, there is something sweet about it. Who wouldn’t want to have someone scratch their sweet spot anyway?

Every time Natalia drops her hand, Sofija is quick to reproach her. She doesn’t even bat an eyelash; she just extends her paw and gives Natalia a tap on the scratching hand, like she is saying “Don’t stop, woman, I want more!” It doesn’t get clearer than that! Too funny!

Sofija is not the only one though! This Golden Labrador named Lady also insists on chin scratches. The only difference between these two needy dogs is that Lady is much more determined. Whenever her owner drops his hand, she doesn’t reach out, oh no. She picks his hand right back up and towards her neck. Point well taken!