Going From Extremely Long To Extremely Short Hairstyle For An Amazing Makeover

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Rumble In the modern world, it is possible to find and buy the craziest clothes, but you need to remember to keep your mind straight, which is why some people win at achieving the hottest and trendiest looks while others just fail miserably. Women who lead an active lifestyle need an ideal outlook: stylish clothes, fashionable hairstyle, and superb makeup. In order to achieve this, and avoid that miserable fail, girls often turn to professional makeup artists or hair stylists, or, as in our case - both! These are the professionals who carefully study your face, understand its individual features and spend a little more time on creating the new, salon version of - you!

There are popular TV show series that focus on makeovers people go through. Popular shows such as "What Not To Wear" and "Extreme Makeover" have taken over the world. It seems that the audience is really interested in this kind of programs and lately, the world is truly embracing that trend with open arms. Take a look at this hair and shaving makeover by the famous Christopher Hopkins.

The world knows him as The Makeover Guy® from his appearances on the Oprah Winfrey show and other national TV shows. Christopher Hopkins believes that women get better with age, but they often feel less attractive. For more than 20 years now, he has been encouraging people, men and women to come out of the shadows and take a center stage.

Angela went from very long hair to extremely short hair and was completely up for it. She had worn her hair long since she was ten years old, so she decided that it was finally time for a change. Long to short can be fun!

Before bringing this tough decision, she was second-guessing her idea, hesitating and double-checking what she likes. However, after the makeover, she looked at herself in the mirror and said that she never felt more beautiful!

In addition to her new hairstyle, she also learned how to wear makeup, and after the complete transformation, she looked so much more like her inner personality. Christopher Hopkins did her hair, Margaret Bodensteiner created the color and Kami Kleven did her makeup. This wonderful team of professionals worked their magic fingers to give Angela a brand new look!

Not many people would dare to make drastic changes in their look, however, change is good from time to time, because it makes you feel refreshed and in control of your life. Breaking the old habits and patterns can be hard, but it takes a real courage to make that call!

It is usually that ‘eureka’ moment that forces people to throw out the old and beckon in the new. Angela had one such moment when she turned 40 years of age. She came to the conclusion that her long hair wasn’t as beautiful as it once was, and made the tough decision to let her go!

After three decades of having the same hairstyle, she decided it was time to buck the trend! Angela contacted Minneapolis-based hairdresser Christopher Hopkins, also known as the ‘Makeover Guy’, and asked him to change her appearances.

Angela knew what it meant to cut off two-feet of hair, but she was ready for the challenge. She had a friend who was looking for a wig, so all that hair wouldn’t go to waste. The moment Christopher cut off her hair, a smile spread across Angela’s face. She instantly felt better!

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