Supermom Juggles Life With Sixteen Children And Household Chores

SWNSPublished: April 10, 2018
Published: April 10, 2018

Meet the supermum with 16 children who still squeezes in time for herself thanks to a strict chores schedule which sees her kids do the cooking and laundry. Here she lifts the lid on what’s life with a dozen of children!

This supermom with sixteen kids has lots to juggle and she manages it all with a strict schedule of chores. Forty-four-year-old supermom Lyette Reback of North Palm Beach, Florida and her husband of 24 years, estate agent David Reback, 49, have ten daughters and six sons all together between the ages of two and 22, four of which are adopted. Plus the family has two tortoises and a dog as well!

Over a decade of pregnancies, Lynette estimates that she has gained and shed 600 pounds of baby weight. She says: ‘If I had known that by the time I was 40 I would have 16 kids I would have thought it was crazy’. Lynette homeschools the kids too, and each child who is old enough attends at least one sports club, adding up to 88 sports practices a week.

She gave birth to her first baby Daly Kay at 21 and has since had 12 more biological children, including latest addition Vaughn, who is two years of age.

The family spends a massive 650 dollars a week on groceries alone. Her strict chore-list has thirteen-year-old daughter Trinity, cooking three meals a day with the help of her eleven-year-old sibling. Other kids aid with laundry, scrubbing the bathrooms and vacuuming. Lynette also manages a charity called ‘Believe in me’ which also supports military families who lost someone in the service and writes a blog called ‘The Rebacks’.

Asked whether they think about increasing to seventeen she says: ‘I don’t know if we will have anymore. We never put a number on it - we just take it one day at a time’.

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