Dog Won’t Give Up Rocking This Toy Because Of Its Hidden Prize

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Published: April 10, 2018

Dogs don’t come with factory installed impulse control. They see food, they eat it. They see a squirrel, they chase it. They spot a person they like, they rush to a greeting. Some dogs give up quickly when they can’t get what they want. Others bark and whine. A minority get cranked up, jumping, body slamming, and mouthing. And a few growl, snap, and even bite.

But Kuvia, the adorable Sammie, shows an incredibly patient response to not getting what he wants right away because the toy he is playing with demands a skillful shake in order to give him the so-wanted prize. Kuvia is a little confused by this toy that dishes out food when rocked the right way.

It looks like this Sammie is well-behaved and has gone through a strenuous training session to exhibit such tolerance towards the plaything, and we know that Samoyed dogs don’t always like to listen and training can be a challenge. Or maybe it is because he knows that when rocked properly, he will get what he wants and that requires self-restraint. Like any other dog, Kuvia, too is a huge fan of food. As long as biscuits fly out of this toy, he is resolved to rock it in all possible ways no matter if that leaves him dragging his tongue on the floor. Because practice makes perfect, one day he will learn fo sure what is the the right way for this toy to dish out all the food it has.

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