Dog Can’t Hide Excitement By Doing Happy Salsa Dance Upon Owner’s Arrival

Published April 10, 2018 19,416 Views $5.28 earned

Many parents witness how ecstatic their children are when they arrive back home from a long day at work. As it turns out, parents of “fur babies” sometimes get the same kind of enthusiastic greeting.

This is an absolutely adorable video of a dancing dog that we know it will put a smile on your face. The video shows this cute pooch named Oreo how excitedly spins in circles when it sees its owner.This doggy surely knows how to wish its owner a warm welcome after a long day at work! Oreo - the energetic pooch is overwhelmed with joy once it realizes its owner is finally home, and it thinks of an epic dance to show its love. It just can't stop doing its hilarious happy dance in the hall and the sight is simply adorable! Don't you just love when animals show their love in such a precious manner?

Oreo is so thrilled that it does a happy salsa dance upon owner’s arrival. The ultimate excitement comes when this happy pup starts jumping up and down making a hilarious ‘welcome home’ dance for the camera. It stands on his hind legs and boogies like crazy - its excitement is palpable! And just when you think he couldn’t get any more excited, he defies gravity and starts bouncing up and down like he’s on an invisible pogo stick. How funny is that? It is such a charming video and it is a great example of a dog’s devotion to its owner.

This happy dance will never grow old! Getting a greeting like that at the end of your workday seems like it would be the best thing ever. Watch the adorable video, and don’t forget to share this story with a friend whose dog is also over the moon when they get home each night.

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