Sweet Puppy Tries To Make Contact With His Reflection In The Mirror

Published April 10, 2018 400 Views $1.42 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThe mirror is a funny thing. Until you are old enough to understand the simple physics behind the plate of glass coated in a thin layer of metal able to reflect light back to you, looking in a mirror is like looking into a parallel universe. We use it to make ourselves presentable when we go out in public. The little ones use it to have some innocent fun and we love to watch them at it!

Kids aren’t the only ones who love watching themselves in the mirror - puppies do it too! Watch how Bronson the Miniature Australian Shepherd has a playdate with his mirror reflection! Such a cuteness overload!

The little guy is still very young and everything is new and exciting for him. Those were the days… He came across the dressing mirror in his owner’s bedroom and he spotted another puppy on the other side, so naturally, he went to investigate!

Bronson tries to touch the other puppy on the nose, but it seems that this other puppy has the exact same idea at the exact same time! After a few high-fives, Bronson decides it is high time he sniffs him out and just like clockwork, the other puppy reaches forward to sniff him out! What are the odds of that? We love that he has so much fun with the mirror.

Not everyone has a pleasant first experience with the looking glass. This baby goat, for example, found his mirror reflection to be simple appalling, so he did what every other buck would do. He headbutted the kid on the other side! How dare he wear the same onesie?

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