TikToker Fugitive Addresses CHUPPL Allegations & Explains His Fugitive Status | Full Interview

23 days ago

Chad Hower is known online as the TikTok fugitive. He has been wanted by the FBI for almost 20 years, and has not been able to return to the United States from Russia and other countries. In the last year or so, he has been gaining traction all over different social media platforms, and making people question why the FBI has taken such a pointed interest in his case.

On paper, Chad's case is a child kidnapping case. According to the FBI, Chad allegedly kidnapped his son away from his mother. There's lots of controversy behind this case, and Chad has been doing everything he can on social media to make his case for why the FBI's claims are untrue.

If everything Chad talks about is correct, there could be something far more nefarious at play with the U.S. governments mission to arrest Chad. Does Chad have secret information that may have lead U.S. officials to take a special interest in him? Is Chad Hower a Russian asset? You decide.

I advise that you watch CHUPPL's video on Chad after you watch this video. Watch both videos and decide for yourself what you think of Chad and the abnormalities of his case.

CHUPPL's video:

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