Honourable Stockwell Day: Truth in Politics in a World Gone Mad

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1 month ago

OPEN MIKE w/Michael Thiessen ~ April 26, 2024
In this conversation, Michael Thiessen interviews Stockwell Day, former leader of the opposition and former minister of public safety, about the Israeli-Hamas conflict. They discuss the importance of Christians speaking boldly into culture and politics, the state of the world in terms of safety, and the need to support democratic nations like Israel and Ukraine. Stockwell Day shares his experiences and insights from his visit to Israel and emphasizes the importance of countering mainstream media narratives. They also address the issue of apartheid in Israel and provide a Christian perspective on international affairs. In this conversation, Stockwell Day and Michael Thiessen discuss the misconceptions and false narratives surrounding Israel and its relationship with Palestine. They address the idea of a two-state solution and argue that it is not a viable solution due to the historical and religious declarations of Israel. Stockwell Day emphasizes that Israel is not an apartheid state and highlights the religious freedom and democratic rights that exist within the country. The conversation delves into the influence of cultural Marxism and the suppression of truth in mainstream media. They conclude by encouraging listeners to speak up and defend the truth, even in the face of opposition and false accusations.

00:00 - Introduction and Purpose of the Conversation
03:17 - The State of the World: Safety and Global Forces
08:13 - Supporting Democratic Nations: Israel and Ukraine
14:06 - No Moral Equivalency: Israel vs. Hamas
22:58 - The Rights of Israel as a Jewish State
23:55 - Investigating and Sharing the Truth in a World of Deception
32:16 - The Flaws of the Two-State Solution
33:16 - Differentiating Between Justice System and Mob Mentality
36:40 - Israel: Not an Apartheid State
38:06 - The Influence of Cultural Marxism in Mainstream Media
50:06 - Speaking Up for the Truth

Episode Resources: Hon, Stockwell Day's Website: https://stockwellday.com/; Sotckwell's X Account: https://twitter.com/Stockwell_Day; Day 2 Day Show: https://www.youtube.com/@day2dayshow

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