Screams Before Silence - Eyewitness accounts from released hostages, survivors & first responders.

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Never-before-heard eyewitness accounts from released hostages, survivors, and first responders.

During the October 7 attacks on Israeli towns and at the Nova Music Festival, women and girls were raped, assaulted, and mutilated. Released hostages have revealed that Israeli captives in Gaza have also been sexually assaulted.

Despite the indisputable evidence, these atrocities have received little scrutiny from human rights groups and international organizations. Many leading figures in politics, academia, and media have attempted to minimize or even deny that they occurred.

In Screams Before Silence, a 60-minute, presenter-led documentary film, Sheryl Sandberg, former COO of Meta and founder of, interviews multiple eyewitnesses, released hostages, first responders, medical and forensic experts, and survivors of the Hamas massacres.

A must-watch documentary. Screams Before Silence sheds light on the unspeakable sexual violence committed on October 7. As heartbreaking as these stories in the documentary are, we cannot afford to look away.

#Nova Film - by Dan Peer.
The tragic events of the October 7 massacre at the Supernova music festival in southern Israel, close to the border with Gaza, minute-by-minute. merely through festival survivor's camera footage, and terrorist's body camera recordings.

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