COVID Vaccines — ‘The Devastating Health Crisis in the Channel Islands + Around the World’

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‘MP Andrew Bridgen is inviting Government Ministers and officials together with local medical professionals and media representatives from the islands of Jersey and Guernsey to participate in a discussion on the issue of Covid 19 vaccine harms and excess deaths, which he will also be debating in the House of Commons on 18 April 2024.

‘The discussion will feature a number of eminent professionals within their respective fields.

‘Should you wish to discuss any concerns you have personally experienced relating to the Covid 19 vaccine in confidence, please do so via email to:’

- Andrew Bridgen, MP
- Senator Ron Johnson
- Dr. Peter A McCullough
- Dr. Pierre Kory
- Professor Angus Dalgleish
- Dr. Dean Patterson
- Dr. Ryan Cole
- Dr. Kirk A Milhoan
- Dr. Scott Mitchell

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