Banana Thief Dog Steals Fruit From Kitchen And Hides It In Bed

Published April 9, 2018 1,430 Views $4.97 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLily is a mischievous, but lovable Golden Retriever - Poodle cross. She gets into whatever she can and she has learned how to get up on the counter top silently in the night. You would expect that with a dog like this you would have to make sure there is no meat left unattended, or maybe you would need to be careful with the cheese and the chocolate. But with Lily, it's bananas that are the most at risk.

Nicole has come down from the bedroom to make the coffee and start her breakfast. She immediately notices that something is missing. There was a bunch of bananas left out when they went to bed. They are not where they are supposed to be and Nicole knows what has likely happened. She starts the camera, pans the kitchen counter top and then confronts the prime suspect. Lily has mastered the art of denial. She smiles and wags her tail, even looks away as if to say "Who? Me?".

Nicole is unconvinced and she takes her camera in search of the stolen food. Lily has not gone far with them. Around the corner and over to her bed is all it takes. But Lily has done little more than chew them and gnaw on the end of one. Obviously Lily wanted only a taste and she was going to keep the rest for later.

Nicole holds up the bunch of bananas and groans, inviting a response from Lily. It's obviously not the first time that Lily has done this. Nicole isn't even slightly surprised.

Lily seems to have made her choice that remorse isn't her best approach. Instead, she walks over happily with her pink ball, suggesting that a little play time will make everything with her human alright again.

Lily is three months old and she is a handful. When she is not chewing bananas, sunglasses, or tubes of moisturizing cream, she delights Nicole and Dan with her playful and hilarious antics. She has been known to try playing with salmon in the creek behind the house and she loves to dig holes in the sand at the beach.

With a face like Lily's, it's hard to be upset about a few bananas.