Sleepy Dog Joins In ‘Singing’ Sweet Lullaby Before Bedtime

Published April 9, 2018 1,875 Plays $4.35 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you tuck your dogs in when it’s time for bed? Do you kiss them goodnight too? We love our dogs so much we treat them like our kids. Some dog owners would even play a lullaby to their dogs. Just like the man in the video. Jovi is so loved by her parents that she gets to sing a song before she goes to bed. Even though she is so sleepy, she just can’t resist her favorite Billy Joel song . She never falls asleep before she listens to the song from beginning to end and make a valuable contribution to the tune. She adds a sweet note to the melody that it makes it even more powerful.

Jovi simply can’t fall asleep while listening to the song. Whenever we see her starting to snooze, there comes her favorite part to which she joins in and starts singing. She loves those parts of the song where the singer raises his voice in a high-pitched sound. His voice being smooth, clear and quiet yet powerful, serves as a perfect drive for this dog to show her “singing” talent. The louder the voice it gets, the more penetrating her howling is. For Jovi, it is unquestionably the most soothing melody she has ever heard, a promise of tomorrow and she wishes it would never stop. Jovi’s shrieking cry rolls over miles away, rises up in her throat and as she squeals, her eyes open wide and her nostrils breathe in air of relief.

It is so adorable as Jovi hears this sweet lullaby. She is such a lucky dog with these considerate parents. If you haven’t established a bedtime routine with your dog yet, now it’s the perfect time to do so.