A Hankerchief Is Damaged And Is Restored Completely

MagicSchoolPublished: April 9, 2018Updated: April 10, 20181,034 views
Published: April 9, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

It's one thing for an object to be damaged by accident. It's a case of "That's a blow, but what can you do?" But when a magician attempts to damage an object on purpose, well that's just annoying. Of course, the obvious conclusion to reach is that he has control and everything will turn out just fine. This magic trick illustrates such an illusion wherein the magician displays a hankerchief (which may be examined). He takes the centre of the hankerchief and with a pair of scissors purposely cuts the centre right out of the hankerchief. After appropriate magic theatre, it is shown that the hankerchief is completely whole once more. The secret is revealed in the video, so anyone keen to try will be well informed.

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