Bear swings on a swing and gives playful attack on his brother

Published April 9, 2018 9 Views

Rumble There is nothing cuter than seeing a full-grown Bear carelessly playing on a sunny summer day. Check out this fantastic Bear swinging on a swing and playfully attacking his brother. Unreal animals!
Bear cubs are one of the most playful animals, but it is much rarer to see grown-up bears playing. These bears were brought to the animal shelter as small orphaned cubs. In the meantime, they get used to humans being around and, as you can see, they are completely relaxed even though we are watching them. Thanks to those unique circumstances we can witness this kind of playful behavior from the big brown bears. It was a windy Summer day, and we watched the brown bear playing. At some point, he came next to the DIY swing like he is going to climb on it. Luckily, I started recording it, and here you can see what happened next. The bear climbed that swing with ease like he did it a hundred times before. He started swinging and after a while seemingly got bored with it. Then he saw his brother napping on the side. He suddenly decides to surprise him by launching a sneak attack on him. That was very playful and unexpectedly cute behavior coming from a grown-up brown bear. It's hard to say exactly why do they do it but, according to some sources, bears probably play to practice fighting or hunting skills, increase cardiovascular fitness and "burn off" excess energy. It is also a great way to test strengthen their social bonds by reducing aggression, enhancing alliances, increasing tolerance, and improving group cohesion. Not to mention, the release of endorphins and other "feel good" chemicals - just like humans enjoy playing maybe they feel the same kind of joy. Well-fed cubs play more than malnourished ones. Keeping that in mind, it is pretty evident that these bears don't lack in food. It is important to say that, unlike children, bears play without vocalizing. It can sometimes be confused with fighting but fighting is noisy and if there is no noise it is a good sign that they are just playing.