What Next After Genocide-By-Proxy & The Murder Of Diplomacy? The Quest For Peace

1 month ago

ILANA believes that America’s open, even-energetic support for Israel’s genocide in Gaza is a defining event in the annals of American foreign policy, and that this failure is qualitatively different from blunders that went before. In its role in Gaza, Uncle Sam has finally achieved an official or formal inversion of all decent, universal values.
Former supporters of Israel, like ilana Mercer, David Vance and Daniel McAdams, Executive Director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, are aghast. Can we claw back from the precipice?
DAVID believes that US Foreign Policy in almost every respect is self-defeating although perhaps that is the aim. David makes it abundantly clear he supports Israel wiping Hamas off the face of the earth but he does NOT support the mass punishment of the people of Gaza.
To ilana’s question, “Is Gaza much more than an American foreign-policy failure,” Mr. McAdams, who co-produces and co-hosts the “Ron Paul Liberty Report” with Dr. Paul, replies, however, with considered calm and wisdom. Mr. McAdams proceeds to shepherd viewers of the HARD TRUTH podcast through the ins-and-outs of US foreign policy and the crooked dynamics at play among lobbyists in Washington D.C. and beyond. To counter ilana’s gloomy Cassandra—and bolstered by a deep grasp of the American System as it is and as it should be—Daniel melds principle with policy in presenting a way forward:
“A prosperous America is profoundly linked to a foreign policy rooted in peaceful relations and trade with all. With peace, comes real prosperity.”
Daily, over decades, alongside Dr. Ron Paul and independently; Daniel McAdams has done the work of the Lord in explaining to a stiff-necked people, Americans, why current US foreign policy is antithetical to peace and prosperity; to life and liberty, at home and abroad.

DAVID VANCE is one of the most outspoken, fearless political commentators in the UK and bears the scars for it. Having been in front-line politics as Deputy Leader of the UK Unionist Party for some years, he was delighted to oppose the anti-democratic Belfast Agreement and the Clintonian-Blair forces behind that. He even wrote a book about it all called “Unionism Decayed” (2008). David has been a successful businessman for decades and prides himself on his independence. He has turned in stellar appearances on ALL mainstream UK political programs, before being … cancelled. He doesn’t care! He and ilana mercer have joined forces to create the punch-in-the-gut HARD TRUTH channel. Contacts: https://gettr.com/user/davidvance & https://gab.com/DAVIDVANCE
CONNECT WITH ILANA: Ilana Mercer has been writing a weekly, paleolibertarian think piece since 1999. Her new book is ‘The Paleolibertarian Guide To Deep Tech, Deep Pharma & The Aberrant Economy’(February, 2024). She’s the author of “Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa” (2011)), and other books. Mercer is described as “a system-builder. Distilled, her modus operandi has been to methodically apply first principles to the day’s events.”
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