Dog Can’t Stop Jumping While Trying To Catch Ball Through Glass Door

Published April 9, 2018 2,767 Views $25.56 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesIf you have ever visited a dog park, you know that most dogs can be categorized into one of three groups: dogs that love playing with other dogs, dogs that stick close to their humans and other people, and dogs that only care about chasing balls. Dogs in the latter category are often so obsessed with the fuzzy round things that they don’t know when to stop to catch their breath.

However, the video is a real proof that park is not the only place for dogs to chase balls. What is important is not the place but the ball itself. Our hero Scruffy is trying so hard to catch his toy ball and it it is of no importance for him that there is a visible obstacle between him and the ball. The only thing that matters is how is he going to catch his valuable toy? The answer is - he isn’t. He will be only going crazy after the ball for a few minutes and he won’t stop jumping to get it any time soon. Scruffy looks like he is on a trampoline and can’t get off that bouncy thing. He also looks like one of those toys with batteries that are programmed to jump towards a particular direction but they can’t stop jumping because the remote got broken and it is only when the batteries die that they will stop repeating the same movement all over again.

This high-energy game has the most of Scruffy and he immerses totally into it. It holds him in its clutch and it has all of his attention. We are not quite sure when is he going to stop the hopping motion, but we know that this dog sends contagious smile to our face. We can only encourage him to keep on bouncing!

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