Open Borders: Impact on Black Communities In Chicago and New York

1 month ago

African-Americans in cities throughout the United States are being asked to stand aside while the officials they elected to protect their interest ignore them and bring large numbers of illegal migrants into their communities, and then provide these foreign nationals with free food, housing, education, healthcare, phones, and, sometimes, pre-paid debit cards. These elected officials in some cases are taking crucial resources from these underserved communities and using them to support the migrants.

Why are so many billions of dollars suddenly available to supply basic necessities for non-citizens, but not for Americans? Who is making the decisions that are allowing this outrage to continue? And what can be done to address the problem?

We begin by learning firsthand from black residents in Chicago and New York City how this crisis is impacting them, and how they feel about it. The guests in this first segment are Adrian Wright and David Barnes from Chicago, and Au'Starr from New York City.

We then hear from community leaders on how they view this crisis from a political perspective. This segment includes Pastor David L. Lowery, Jr., in Chicago, and Conservative Party candidate and BLEXIT leader Dion Powell in the Bronx.

We’ll close the episode with former immigration judge Matt O’Brien — currently at the Immigration Reform Law Institute — who will explain immigration law, the asylum process, and which aspects of this migrant crisis are in compliance, or in violation, of the law.

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