TCE podcast episode #203

2 months ago

It's Passover, so Steven was unavailable; Alu seizes the opportunity for a hostile takeover of the podcast and begins throwing AnCap bombs from the first moment! The crew gets into a heated debate about whether the government should ever interfere with private contracts and whether discrimination should ever be outlawed; four different opinions emerge, and many brilliant points are made; the Eds seem to argue that the government is necessarily a party to all contracts. Alu and the gang express gratitude for the NY legislature for approving the NYC government to lower the standard speed limit again, this time to 20 MPH. The crew discusses the new Ukraine Capital, located at Constitution Avenue and First Street in Washington D.C.; we are lucky that Ukraine just received another $61 billion from US taxpayers! The crew discussed Russia and NATO, and Ed P. provided us with many more amazing insights. The show finished off with more debate about the Israel-Hamas war, collateral damage in wars, and the morality of the nuclear bombs and Dresden attacks in WW2.

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