Everything in This Episode is Alleged | PlanBri Episode 250

1 month ago

In this episode of PlanBri Uncut, Brianna LaPaglia and Grace O'Malley discuss everything from fake IDs to Taylor Swift (be nice everyone!), and so much more. Also, Bri breaks the heartbreaking news that she and G still aren't welcome at Dave's Nantucket house.

Allegedly, everything said in this episode is alleged, so do with that what you will and enjoy!

00:00 Intro
01:39 BFF's episode
08:31 Rediscovering feminism
11:55 Grace's new game
16:30 Remembering Talladega
20:33 The O'Malley family
35:15 What is crossbreeding?
39:42 Crazy sh*t in the news
44:35 Fake IDs
49:09 Outro

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