🔥BREAKING-Exclusive! VAERS Whistleblower Deb Conrad Reveals Major Lawsuit Against ROC Hospital!🔥

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This case is rock solid and will have national and potentially international impact!
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Deb Conrad had been a stellar employee for almost 15 years before she blew the whistle on the Rochester Regional Health System after witnessing and documenting fraud in reporting adverse events and deaths post COVID vaccination in 2021. She was fired and persecuted for reporting injuries to VAERS, but not before she diligently compiled a stockpile of admissible evidence and PROOF that the hospital system had not only operated unethically - but illegally and in violation of federal statutes.

Deb has diligently worked to expose the dangers of the vaccines appearing on multiple medical freedom platforms and traveling the country as a speaker and an expert witness in state legislative hearings to expose the crimes committed in so many hospitals across the country.

HIGHWIRE Appearance: https://thehighwire.com/ark-videos/these-patients-deserve-to-be-heard-vaers-whistleblower/
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