Orangutan Asks Zoo Visitor For Banana Then Throws Back The Peel

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Rumble / Unreal AnimalsOne of the first things we learn in school is that man has developed from ancient apes through the process of evolution. Some apes decided they should climb down from the treetops and look for food on the ground and those who stayed evolved into the monkeys and apes we know today. One of those apes in the colorful orangutan, an ape so similar to man, they can surprise us sometimes!

Orangutans, especially those that have lived their entire lives in ZOOs, have learned how to interact with the distant relatives that come to visit and learn about them on the other side of the enclosure. Some parks sell food approved for the animals so that the visitors may interact with them by feeding them. When these animals see someone carrying a banana or something, they know they are here for a brunch date!

Knowing how to get the most out of humans, this old guy puts his hand out whenever he wants a treat. He is the boss around here, so he gets what he wants. Catching it with one side, the primate carefully peels the fruit before shoving the whole thing in his mouth.

Clearly a strong opposer against littering, the orangutan then tosses the peel back to his visitor so he can dispose of it properly. Unfortunately, the human seems to be stingy this time around and refuses to give up his second banana. That's fine with him though because that means he can go on about other business!

These long-haired, orangish orangutans are highly intelligent and are one of the closest relatives to humans. Orangutans have a considerable arm length. A male may extend his arms somewhere in the range of 7 feet from fingertip to fingertip—an achieve significantly longer than his standing stature of around 5 feet. At the point when orangutans do stand, their hands almost contact the ground.

The Malay word for orangutan means ‘person of the forest,’ and they mostly can be found in tropical and swamp forest in Southeast Asia. They like to spend most of their time in the trees. They are not very social animals, and they love to spend time alone.

They, for the most part, construct another home each night, however, may every so often reuse one. The orangutans additionally utilize green branches to shield themselves from rain and sun, and some of the time they wrap long leaves over themselves like a poncho!

Here is another video of a fantastic example of an orangutan being polite and kind behaved. We can see on the video a man tossing a treat at the orangutan, and what happens next has everybody laughing in disbeilif!

Vitaly R. decided to go to a zoo. There, he went to the Orangutan habitat not realizing that he would meet a lifelong friend there. He decided to toss over a treat to his new Orangutan friend only to be surprised by its response! The Orangutan picks up a gift of its own and tosses it back to Vitaly.