Pharma's Secret Censorship Squad w/ Lee Fang

1 month ago

Relevant baller mini-doc

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Lee Fang is a fully independent, fully fearless reporter who recently released an explosive investigation into the efforts of pharmaceutical companies to censor contrarian COVID voices. Fang found several major drug companies, including Moderna, had financed third-party non-profit groups with the veneer of scientific objectivity to work with major social media companies to suppress prominent people saying inconvenient -- but often true -- things about the COVID vaccine.

1:10 people aren't taking boosters and Moderna falls off a financial cliff
2:14 Pharma sets up a third party non-profit to police vaccine "disinformation"
3:01 Novak Djokovic wins the Moderna-sponsored US Open and its a problem
4:30 Pharma goes after Michael Shellenberger, Alex Berenson, Jay Bhattacharya, and other independent voices
4:59 Russel Brand says true things and is labeled a source of "misinformation"

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