Interview of former gun-carrying IRS criminal investigation Special Agent Joe Banister

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Former IRS criminal investigator Joe Banister sheds light on the absence of any U.S. law mandating the payment of Income Taxes from the people of the 50 states. Since 1999 he has dedicated himself as a whistleblower to Americans about the fraudulent income tax system.

In this week’s presentation Peymon will interview Joe Banister, a student of Freedom Law School since 1991, and discuss why Banister has not filed a tax return for 25 years and why you don’t have to either!

For over 28 years, Freedom Law School has helped many Americans live free from IRS deception, robbery, and slavery. You can live free now with Freedom Law School’s 100% Guarantee against civil and criminal lawsuits. All current students are protected by our 100% guarantee. Take the 7 Steps to income tax freedom on the home page of our website,

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