A Coin Passes Right Through A Solid Table

MagicSchoolPublished: April 8, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018197 views
Published: April 8, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

You're sitting at a table with your friends or family. Imagine the interest and intrigue that would be created, if one of the group produced a couple of coins for a demonstration. That person might as well be you. Here's the illusion:- two coins are presented, and may be examined. You take one of the coins in one hand and place it underneath the table top. With the other hand, you take the remaining coin and hold it above the table top. Bringing this coin down to touch the table, you make a slight rubbing motion and a 'clink' is heard from underneath the table top. You withdraw your hand from underneath, and display both coins in the one hand. The other hand is completely empty. Only two coins are used. The secret is explained in this video, so with a minimum of practice any-one can astound the spectators at your next gathering.

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    Jam3sCow3n ยท 34 weeks ago

    Love the Magic & especially the write ups!! Keep it goin!