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This week, we interrupt Seth recording the first episode of his new podcast, look at some of the latest watches to arrive at his store, and discuss the new Rolex Watch releases at Watches and Wonders 2024. Most of a bottle of Buffalo Trace was 'missing', so enjoy this video, it's a wild one!

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00:00 - Interrupting the podcast
01:40 - Let's talk watches
02:05 - H Moser & Cie Pioneer Tourbillon
03:19 - Let's talk about Watches and Wonders
03:29 - Rolex Yacht-Master II discontinued
04:47 - 2024 Rolex Day-Date
06:05 - Previous predictions
06:53 - Gold Rolex Deepsea
09:53 - Gold Rolex Submariner for comparison
10:52 - Rumours of Rolex GMT Pepsi discontinuation
13:03 - Vintage Rolex Submariner
13:46 - New vs old gold Rolex Submariner
14:21 - Seth's favorite watch from Watches and Wonders
14:47 - Rolex Daytona mother of pearl dial with diamond bezel
15:44 - Seth's flop watch from Watches and Wonders
17:18 - Small watches trend
18:32 - Cartier watches trend
22:05 - Wrapping up and ping pong update

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