Inside the 'disinformation' industry

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A government-sponsored agency is censoring journalism; UnHerd's Freddie Sayers investigates.

Note: an earlier version of this video included a section about a specific example concerning deaths from the Delta variant of Covid that contained an error of translation by Clare Melford that itself introduced an inaccuracy. We chopped it out to avoid confusion— or counter-claims of "disinformation." The fact that she made the error, you might say, is more evidence of the fallibility of fact-checkers!

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00:00 - 04:50 - Introduction
04:50 - 07:44 - Part I: Introduction to ‘disinformation’
07:44 - 17:32 - Part II: The history of the Global Disinformation Index
17:32 - 19:25 - Part III: The American response to the GDI
19:25 - 22:38 - Concluding thoughts

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