Braun Slim Light by Harbor Freight and Multimeter Review

DENicholsPublished: April 7, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018178 views
Published: April 7, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

Here I briefly review the Braun Slim Light. You can read way more about it, down below. I heard it's largely popular because the battery is exchangeable and externally chargeable. I don't have extra batteries or an external charger, but that shouldn't be a surprise. I don't think if you get it, that you've found it from Harbor Freight. While this is the word on the YouTube street, I saw a lot of reviews before I even knew what I owned was popular, lol. I think most people don't even know about this as I watched a few videos and read many comments to even know about this.

390 Lumen Magnetic Slim Bar Folding LED Worklight. What a mouthful. It's easier to say it's item no. 63958. That's Harbor Freight's complete title for this product. A lot of popular mechanic flashlights use 2 AAA batteries and they produce maybe 220 lumens. I'm specifically talking about the Streamlight which goes in your pocket like a pen would. Very efficient to focus in on what you're working on, but working with more lumens over a bigger area can make the increase in light you get not seem as great as it really is. Having the slim bar focus the light forward helps as a lot of area lights have a wide angle to blind you as you work. That's still an issue with this light as I've found working with it. It's base for it's large battery is quite tall so it can be a challenge in tight places to use this and not get glare, especially if you where glasses as they can pick up glare from behind you. The Braun slim light twists and bends so while this sounds like a lot of adjustment, it'll feel limited under hoods, especially with modern cars actually having way less steel that you can use on it's magnet. Watch out for bolts. They more often have enough feral, or magnetic metal so you can still get a grip with this light.

More about multimeters. They're often called DVOM for digital volt ohm meter. Lots of people call them simply volt meter or oh meter. Thus the "multi" part of the name is they have a lot of options. Even amp measurements, but as my subscriber Terrace Balloon Man learned, the AMP meter is usually limited to a pretty low AMP, and if you go above it, you'll blow out your instrument. This can be true on a very expensive DVOM as well.

Be safe around electricity. These don't just test "safer" 12 volt systems on cars, they can also be used in the house, where electricity is far more capable of killing you.

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