Tuesday Night Collaborative Calls for the Agenda for a Living Earth

1 month ago

Earth day 2024, April 22. I have just begin to collect signatures to enter a local house race in Putney VT as a democrat contender. I am choosing this party to reach the majority of of local people with an agenda that is shared by republican and democrats of We, the People. This is the first of weekly calls, and as yet they are not yet advertised for attendance. I was listening to SG Anon prior and heard an excellent synopsis of our historical change from a Republic, a democratic republic (one vote per person to elect representatives) to a corporatocracy. This is vitally important for We, The People to understand. I am thankful for q news patriot to help make the history concise and clear. Please go to my website for the Agenda particulars and adopt them in your state. www.emilypeyton.com, there I will also link to the full interview. I am additionally thankful to the interviewer Carrington McDuffie for posing a most critical question.

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