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This week, we're looking at a property in Henderson Nevada, overlooking the Las Vegas strip. This luxury development features high end design, fit and finish, at a price you won't quite believe. Make sure you stay tuned until the end to find out how much this amazing house costs to purchase.

Big thank you to Kaori for arranging this tour for us. Sadly, she was ill and couldn't join us on the tour. Follow Kaori on Instagram here:

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If you would like to find out more about this house, you can view the listing here: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9-...


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00:00 - Introduction
00:23 - Entrance
00:58 - Meeting Zad
02:15 - Kitchen
02:54 - Catering kitchen
03:30 - Laundry room
04:05 - Bicycle workshop
04:43 - Garage
05:34 - Solid construction
05:49 - Bang & Olufsen Harmony
06:55 - Outdoor lounge and bar
07:41 - Pool
08:17 - Outdoor kitchen
08:55 - Pool restrictions
10:05 - Indoor outdoor boundaries
10:23 - Downstairs powder room
10:51 - Guest suite
12:10 - Showers with no glass partition
13:05 - Something in the closet
13:34 - Bedside lamps
14:04 - Summary of downstairs
14:48 - Guest bedroom 2
16:14 - Media room
16:34 - Bathroom with glass partition
17:03 - Office / bedroom
17:27 - Michael's fitness regime
18:50 - Bridge over living space
19:29 - Master bathroom and closet
21:42 - Master bedroom
22:06 - Master balcony

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