Brian Craig Makes Suggestion on Improving Trump NY Press Conference Audio Quality

1 month ago

Steve Kane Radio Show co-host Brian Craig made a technical suggestion on how to help President Trump counter the absolutely CORRUPT trial now going on in Manhattan. It has to do with how his press conferences are staged at the end of the trial days. It's unbelievable that a CORRUPT judge, Juan Merchan, can PROFIT via his CORRUPT family to the tune of millions of dollars via a kangaroo court trial of President Trump. Brian Craig reveals how President Trump can better make his voice heard revealing the utter CORRUPTION of this trial.

Oh, and Dana Bash. Unless you reveal the CORRUPT facts about this trial then STFU about asking Republicans if they will support Trump if he is convicted. If a Republican president were using CORRUPT lawfare against his election opponent I guarantee you that CNN, and the other mainstream networks, would be broadcasting 24/7 about this corruption. But since the opponent to CORRUPT Joe Biden is Trump, they are lending legitimacy to their CORRUPT trial in New York by asking their dopey question to Republicans.

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