Lawsuit against Swissmedic Updated by Kati Schepis and Philipp Kruse

3 months ago

In this week's D4CE meeting, pharmacist Kati Schepis and lawyer Philipp Kruse from Switzerland presented the updated version of their lawsuit against Swissmedic, the Swiss health regulator. The lawsuit alleges, among other things, that in connection with the COVID vaccines Swissmedic engaged in spreading misinformation and in the forgery of documents.

Kati was responsible for the scientific documentation for this lawsuit. Her evidence report is an outstanding body of work, very comprehensive and very rigorously argued. In her video presentation, she gives some specific examples of this evidence. Philipp, who had the overall lead, provides general background and a summary of the legal arguments.

Both the legal and the scientific documents have been machine-translated from the original German into English and several other languages. You can download them here

There also is a short and very trenchant executive summary, likewise available in translation

This lawsuit is a landmark achievement. It can serve as a template or as a "quarry" for legal and political initiatives in other countries. Please share widely.

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