🔴“They are DEMENTED” Former Democrat Exposes Party’s DEPRAVED Plans!

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In this Stephen Gardner update, Vince Ellison exposes the Democratic Party's sinister agenda, arguing they are actively working to transform America into a Marxist nation. He sheds light on their support for atheism, Marxism, abortion, open borders, and even drug trafficking, labeling them as evil. Ellison traces their history of morally bankrupt actions, from supporting slavery to advocating for abortion.

Ellison also delves into the Democratic Party's connection to racism and the Ku Klux Klan, challenging the narrative that Republicans are to blame. He highlights their manipulation of black communities, keeping them impoverished and under their control.

The conversation explores replacement theory, warning of future violence against white people due to leftist policies. Ellison criticizes black preachers and civil rights leaders like Jesse Jackson, accusing them of being on the Democratic Party payroll and deceiving their communities.

Overall, Ellison paints a grim picture of the Democratic Party as a corrupt institution that continues to deceive and manipulate vulnerable communities. He urges viewers to wake up to the truth presented in his enlightening books.

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